How to do the sock bun hairdo

How to do the sock bun hairdo 1

Sock buns trend

Sock buns trend has been celebs and fashionistas latest favourite hairdo. Celebrities like Reese Witherspoon, Kim Kardashian and J-Lo have all been spotted wearing the sock bun hairdo. Sock bun is part hipster and ballerina and uses a sock which is rolled into a doughnut shape to create the style of the hair. Sock bun hairdo is glamorous, classy and can be worn for a day or evening look. This hairdo can be done on mid-length, long or braided hair.

Here are quick steps on how to create the perfect sock bun

How to do the sock bun hairdo 2
Image c/o: primpandwear.blogspot
  • You will need: one sock/bun doughnut foam, scissors, bobby pin, ponytail holder
  1. Cut the toes part of the sock off so that you’re left with a tube-shape piece fabric and roll the bun from the ankle end to the cut toe part to create a donut shape. Skip this step if you’re using bun doughnut shape foam.
  2. Spray, comb and pull your hair back into a low or high ponytail depending on where you would like the sock bun to rest. 
  3. Then hold the tip of your hair/ end of your ponytail and slip the doughnut shape sock over it. Roll the sock down your ponytail a few times until the bun reaches the base of your head. Adjust your hair to make sure it fully covers the sock.
  4. Your bun should sit securely on the top of your head and if you feel the bun is not secure pin the underside of it with bobby pins.
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