How to Make a Unique Paper Lampshade

How to Make Simple paper Lampshade

Lately we have gone a little bit diy crazy  and we have been transforming and changing things around our house. It’s amazing how papers can transform a lampshade with just simple imagination.

This is one of the lampshade that we decided to transform and the results were quite amazing.

Materials: Paper ( different colours), a pair of scissors, sellotape

  • Cut an A4 paper into 4 squares
  • Get one of the square and fold it into a triangle then fold the triangle further  into half and tape the tip to the lampshade using a sellotape.
  • Do this until all the lampshade is covered with paper.

P/S: Use plain papers for bright light and coloured papers for coloured light.


Share your thoughts with us on this paper square diy lampshade.  

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