How to Make Sure a Custom Suit Fits Correctly

How To Tell If Your Suit Fits

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that so much work is necessary in order to achieve the perfect result in finding the right suit. You don’t want a suit to be too loose, but you also don’t want a suit to be too snug. It should fit perfectly on your frame. When finding a tailor or custom suit provider like Balani, there are a number of things to keep in mind. Here are the most important.

How It Looks

When looking at swatches and deciding on a fabric, don’t forget to choose something that matches your style. You can’t be completely comfortable if the suit doesn’t make your personality come alive. If it doesn’t say something about you, then maybe it isn’t the right fit. Add options accordingly.

If you have an idea of what you want, or if you have a suit you already love, then bring it to the fitting. You don’t want to be standing around all day, and having a template from which the fitter can work will expedite the process and make both of your lives a little easier.

Other things to keep in mind: 

  • If you don’t have a suit on hand, then try photographs. Show the tailor exactly what you’re interested in and what style fits you best. Show him what looks right.
  • Don’t hesitate to let your fitter know about your price range before you begin. You might find that a suit which starts at a particular price won’t necessarily end at that price when you’ve taken into account any upscale options.
  • If you’re having a suit fitted, then you likely already know the type of situations for which you’ll be wearing it. Take these into account when deciding whether you want that professional look, or a suit that makes a fashion statement. And if you do want to make that statement, do you want to be subtle or do you want to be blatant?

 How It Feels

If you’re already wearing your best, and are at your most comfortable when you arrive to the tailor for your fitting, then here are a few tips to keep in mind before the measurements begin. 

  •  Know how clothes naturally fit your body’s frame. We’re all different, so make sure you know what you look like when you’re standing naturally in front of a mirror.
  •  Dress well. Your dress shirt should fit your frame and adhere to standard sleeve length and collar height proportions. Your dress shoes should have proper heel height.
  • Be prepared to answer a few questions, but don’t be afraid to ask a few, either. Not every tailor is perfect, and having a good idea of what you’re looking for can help you avoid problems down the road. Be specific if you have questions.

Before you go in, try to know what will be measured and ask about the fit. The jacket sides, the jacket waist, the sleeves, the collar, the pant waist, the pant legs, etc. Ask for details, and you might find some are more appropriate for you.

Getting It Right

The most important options available will determine not only how your suit feels, but also both the price and how long it remains durable. Here are three options you may be given: 

  1. Full Canvas. These suits are of the highest quality, but are also the most expensive. A layer of canvas is sewn in between the interior and exterior linings, which eventually allows the suit to better fit your form over time and also adds to its lifespan. These are more important for someone often in a professional setting.
  2. Fused. These are cheaper and stiffer, as the interior lining is essentially glued to the exterior. If dry-cleaned repeatedly, they’ll begin to fall apart.
  3. Half Canvas. These involve a little bit of both. The price is still lower than a full canvas, and the layer of canvas is sewn into the chest of the jacket while the bottom part remains fused.

Because full canvas suits are more form fitting, it allows the tailor to pay closer attention to detail when catering to your personal tastes. You may also want to think about different fabrics, collars, buttons, etc. At the end of the day, you should feel like your suit brings out your best features. After following these simple steps, you should be able to communicate with the tailor or custom suit provider and decide on the options that are best for you, leaving with a custom suit that fits just right.

Author: Willie Pena is a writer who covers men’s fashion and style. He prefers the Oxford comma. Connect with him on Google+, LinkedIn.

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