Smart casual outfit simply means mixing up your casual wear with your smart wear to achieve a fashionable blend. The main aim of smart casual look it to look elegant, fashionable, relaxed and comfortable.

Smart casual wear can be worn to the office or social events and are a great way of showing of your fashion sense. Smart casual tends to lean towards the smarter side of the spectrum, which is easier to get away with being overdressed than under-dressed.

It’s best to dress the top half with smart wear then the bottom half with casual wear, as the top half will be the first thing someone will notice however there’s no harm doing the vice versa.

Blazers, jeans, polo t-shirts, chinos and the right pair of shoes play a major part in pulling off this look. Go for slim fit or structured blazers or tweed jackets which can all be paired with shirts (patterned coloured or plain shirts) or t-shirts. With smart casual wear you can’t go wrong with wearing jeans, chinos or tailor made trousers as long as they are worn in the right proportion. Pair your look with a decent pair of shoes and not shy away from accessories such as ties, pocket squares, bracelets, watches or hats for a bit of Neal Caffrey style.

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Bradley Cooper looked suave and sophisticated in a grey marl T-shirt and grey smart trousers with green suede loafers. On this look Cooper has kept bottom half smart and top casual.

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How to wear smart casual outfit

Pair green chinos with a grey blazer & dark blue button down shirt and brogues. Wear a shirt with a tie, blazer, slim fitting jeans or chinos and Chelsea boots for a cool dressed down look.  Wear a checked or blazer with a shirt, smart tailored trousers and boat shoes. Pair your smart trousers with a shirt and chunky or v-neck knitwear or cardigan and loafers for a winter smart casual look. Wear a suit with a v-neck or round neck t-shirt and brogues. 

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 Bradley Cooper looked relaxed and stylish in a grey check suit jacket, cuffed pants, shirt and tie with white canvas shoes for a classic smart casual look. On this look Bradley has kept the top half smart and bottom half casual.

Let us know your thoughts on men’s smart casual look and how you would style it.

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