How to wear underwear as outwear trend

celebrities wearing underwear as outerwear

There’s a reason why it’s called underwear and it should be worn inside of your clothes. This trend is not for the fainthearted as its risqué and can go horribly wrong if not tastefully put together. 

Underwear as outerwear trend is becoming increasingly popular among the A list. From music stage to the red carpet events this trend is making waves in the fashion world. Rihanna, Madonna, Beyonce & Lady Gaga are well known for wearing their inner wears as outwear on the stage. A few celebrities have also been spotted rocking this trend on red carpet events.

Underwear as outwear trend is all about taking a subtle feminine approach in wearing underwear as outwear. The high streets are flooded with bralets, corsets/bustiers, cheeky stocking and lacy tops which can be incorporated with your outfits to achieve the underwear as outwear look.

If you want to rock this trend and you don’t know how to, worry not as Fashion Cadet is here to guide you on how to modestly rock this trend this season without looking like Lady Gaga.

When wearing underwear wear as outwear try not to be an exhibitionist, as preserving your modest is the key to this trend unless you’re Lady Gaga, or Rihanna or Madonna then go head and knock yourself out. Choose subtle colours for your underwear as outwear items/pieces such as pastels, neutrals, nudes and black. You can also layer a sheer dress over bright lingerie for a hint of what’s underneath.

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Victoria Beckham was spotted wearing a risqué Louis Vuitton dress which looked like negligee at Wimbledon yesterday. The low cut black lacy dress had two strings holding the ensemble together. We all know VB likes being adventurous when it comes to her outfits but this dress was not a great choice for the event. She should have saved it for a red carpet event we would have preferred seeing her in her own design.

The Glee star Lea Michele showed off plenty of skin back in May when she wore a Roberto Cavalli dress that also looked like negligee.

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How to wear underwear as outwear

Pair high waisted jeans with a bralet, biker jacket and boots for a rock and roll look. For a casual modest look pair a lace silk spaghetti straps camisole with a structured blazer, skater/pencil skirt, ankle strap heels and a clutch bag. If you’re not brave enough to wear underwear as outwear why not pair a mini dress/shorts with suspender stocking for a playful look. Pair corset dress with killer heels, a belt and a bag for a formal event. For the so called fashion forward individuals wear a slip as a dress and pair it with a blazer/biker jacket.

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Let us know your thoughts about underwear as outwear trend. Is this fashion forward or faux pas?

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