Men Grey Suit, black brogues, shirt, bow tie & pocket square


Grey suit

The grey suit is a staple item in any man’s wardrobe as it will make you look sharp and classy.

Lighter shades such as grey work well when worn during spring/summer time and darker shades such as black/navy blue tend to be worn during winter time.

With that said you can also wear your grey suit during winter for a statement look after all making a statement is why you want to dress well.

Grey suit is very flexible, versatile and can be worn in almost all occasions which includes weddings/graduations/funerals/interviews/corporate wear/special occasions. Grey suit can also be dressed up or down and makes a great addition to men’s wardrobe.

I like how Ese has worn his grey suit with a crisp white shirt, black bow tie, brown pocket square, black brogues and coloured socks giving his look a Mad Men appeal.

It’s important for one to find the right fit for your grey suit as well as how you’ll wear it will make all the difference in the overall style and feel of the outfit. Grey contrasts well with all skin tones and here is a few tips on choosing the right grey shade. If you have whiter skin tone go for a darker shade of grey, and if you have darker skin tone go for lighter shade of grey and if you have medium skin tone you can either go for a darker or lighter shade of grey. When it comes to what tie to wear with a grey suit orange, pink or grey tie should go great with it. Grey suits can be paired with black or brown shoes.

How to wear grey suit

Here are a few tips on how to wear a grey suit. Pair your grey suit with a solid coloured shirt such as purple/pink, pocket square, tie bar and brogues for a formal look. For a casual relaxing look pair a grey suit with a t-shirt and loafers/sneakers for a laid back look. Pair the grey suit with a coloured shirt like black, brown shoes, drop the tie and unbutton the shirt for a casual look. Grey suit can also be layered with a V neck/knit wear for cold seasons.

Let us know how you will wear your grey suit and don’t forget to stop by for even more fashion tips.

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