Men’s Ankara/kitenge/African print shirt & pinstripe suit

Men’s Ankara/kitenge/African print shirt with a pinstripe suit & a pocket square

Pinstripe suits

Pinstripe suits have become increasingly popularity among men. Pinstripe motif was popular among bankers in 1920s and is still going strong. 

Pinstripe suit can be worn by any guy and is guaranteed to take you from the boardroom to a night out on the town. 

Eze looks dapper in a black pinstripe suit which features micro stripes. He completed his look with an African print shirt, kitenge pocket square and black shoes for a polished look.

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Pinstripe come in different sizes of stripes i.e. distance between the stripes. If you’re a newbie we recommend you should stick with stripes that are close together (micro stripes) and if you’re a fashion savvy with confidence go for wider stripes. 

Pinstripe suit with monochromatic colours such as black, grey and navy are easy to wear and can be paired with other pieces from your wardrobe. Micro stripes give you an option to play around with colours and patterns compared to wide stripes.

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How to wear/style a pinstripe suit: Pinstripe suit can be worn with or without a tie for a dressed down casual look. It will also look great when teamed with a turtle neck or polo shirt. Pinstripe suits goes well with gingham shirts, striped shirts, neutral shirts (white, black, grey etc), blue shirts or patterned/printed shirts.

Share your thoughts on how you would style a pinstripe suit.

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