Men’s black blazer, waistcoat, shirt, trousers & necktie

Three piece broken suit: Men’s black blazer, black waistcoat, sky blue shirt, blue trousers & silver necktie

There’s no rule that says you have to wear a full suit. A broken suit can be a perfect way of showing off your stylish personality and how to play with colours and textures. Every now and then I do like to see a man in a full suit, however I love to see a man wearing a broken suit in multiple colours graceful.

First things first what do we mean by a broken suit? Broken suit is when wearing different colours or fabric texture on top half and bottom half.  We recommend sticking to two or three colours maxi and beyond this you will end up looking like a joker. Broken suits can be worn for both formal and informal occasions.

He looks stylish in this black blazer with matching waistcoat which he teamed with a pair of blue trousers, sky blue shirt, silver necktie and black lace up shoes for a polished look.

How to style three piece broken suits

Pair a navy blue blazer with matching waist coat & tie, sky blue shirt, grey trousers and a pair of black loafers for a dapper look.  Team up a navy blue blazer with a grey waist coat & matching trousers, brown shoes, striped shirt & navy blue blazer. Pair of black trousers with a matching vest, purple blazer, black shoes, purple striped shirt, a tie for a savvy look. Wear a green tweed blazer with matching pants, brown checkered vest, light blue shirt, brown brogues with matching tie.

black-mens-blazer-waist-coat-sky-blue-shirt-dark-blue-trousers,Three piece broken suit,  Mens black blazer, black waistcoat, sky blue skirt, blue trousers, silver necktie, How to style three piece broken suits

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