Men’s blue polka dot shirt, bow tie, suspenders & patent shoes


Men’s shirts are a wardrobe essential and available in a range of style. All over men’s print shirts are bang on trend at the moment. Men are no longer afraid of wearing prints and patterns. Shirts come in a selection of patterns from paisley, floral, camo, tribal, animal prints to polka dot patterns.

Wearing prints and patterns require confidence as prints/patterns are a bold statement. Nevertheless prints shirts are easy to wear and can be incorporated into most outfits. Men’s polka dot shirts are stylish, elegant and can be dressed up or down.

Yemi has done an amazing job styling this look by pairing his polka dot shirt with black trousers, black shoes, a bow tie and suspenders to complete his look.
Choose a polka dot shirt that’s right for you and suits your style, if you’re bold enough you can opt for large polka dots shirt if not stick to small prints or polka dot accessories such as tie, bowtie or pocket squares. The key to rocking polka dots successfully is to ensure the dots are small and the colours not too bright, or you’ll end up looking like a clown.

Ways to wear a polka dot shirt

Team a polka dot shirt with jeans, boat shoes for a summer feel or pair it with a grey suit and black shoes for a formal occasion. Pair polka dot shirt with a pair of shorts and converse for an off duty look. For a casual look pair a polka dot shirt with a blazer, chinos, and loafers


I am sure you’ all know what suspenders/ braces are, for the sake of those who don’t know what they are, suspenders are elastic straps made of fabric or leather that are designed to hold up a pair of trousers in place of a belt. They are worn over the shoulders and back and attached to the top of the trousers. When it comes to wearing suspenders you should not wear them with a belt together. Keep the suspenders/braces in neutral colours so they won’t clash with what you pair them with – navy or grey are your safest bet. If you wear coloured braces pair then you will need to keep the rest of the outfit monochromatic so as not to clash the suspenders.

Ways to wear suspenders/braces

Pair them with skinny jean or tailored jeans and a shirt. You can also team them up with your suit & tie or blazer for a formal look. Team your braces with a shirt and a pair of shorts for a summer look. You can wear them with a t-shirt or underneath a cardigan for a fun look.
Let us know if you’ll be wearing suspenders or polka dot shirt this season, and how you’re planning to style it

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