Men’s leggings/Meggings: Men’s latest trend

How to wear men's leggings/meggings


Meggings are the new kid on the block as they make their way in becoming a male wardrobe staple this season. This fashion faux pas trend which we’ve been seeing on the runways will soon be hitting the high streets near you.

They were voted as the biggest fashion faux pas last year but nevertheless two British designers have revealed a range of meggings, which they hope will enable men to ‘both look great and feel comfortable in leggings.’

Men’s leggings which have been worn by celebrities such as Justin Bieber and Russel Brand are set to be selling at £25 and come in an array of colourful designs such as rainbow-coloured diamonds and hot pink. Worried about where you’ll be putting your wallet, fear not as they come complete with back pockets.  

Tips on how to style/wear meggings

  • Wear them just like the way you would wear your skinny jeans
  • Pair them with oversize knits, t-shirts and shirts
  • Keep it simple
  • Be confident and don’t take yourself too serious
  • Whatever you do don’t attempt to tuck them in.
  • Wear them with or without socks.

Let us know if you’ll be wearing meggings this season. And for the ladies would you allow your man to wear meggings? Let us hear your thoughts.

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