Men’s Turtleneck/roll neck, unpatterned tweed blazer & pants

Men's Turtleneck or roll neck with an unpatterned tweed blazer & black smart trousers

A turtleneck is a great way to add dimension to your winter look. Turtlenecks or roll necks are not only comfy, stylish but they also look great when dressed up or down.

There’s something about turtleneck that reminds us of James Bond, Steve Jobs and Michael Fassbender in X-Men: First Class. 

Yemi looks effortlessly savvy in a black turtle neck which he teamed with black smart trousers, unpatterned tweed blazer, pocket square and black brogues for a James Bond kind of look.

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A roll neck looks great with smart casual trousers or jeans and can be worn tucked in or untucked. Turtlenecks can be layered with blazers, biker jackets, denim jackets, coats, overcoats or can be worn on their own. For a simple clean look we recommend wearing thick turtlenecks on their own.

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How to style turtleneck: Pair a roll neck with suit trousers, jacket an overcoat and brogue boots for a winter work or casual look. Wear a heavyweight roll neck knit with a pair of straight leg jeans and Chelsea boots for a weekend look. For cold days layer a thick turtleneck with an overcoat, smart pants and boots to keep the cold at bay.

Your winter wardrobe is incomplete without a turtleneck to warm you up in style. Let us know if you’re planning to invest in a turtle neck and how would you style it?

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