Pop Boutique Challenge

Pop Boutique Recycling Vintage Clothing store

This post has been well overdue was supposed to do it since January but I have been extremely busy, I just remembered it last night and I had to do a quick post on our (me, Zainab and Stephen) visit to Pop Boutique.

Pop boutique is such a cool vintage shop, believe me when you visit them you won’t be disappoint they have got cool amazing stuffs.

While we were at Pop Boutique we set ourselves a couple of challenges: the first challenge was to go around the shop and pick items within 5 minutes and to style them ourselves.

The second challenge was picking clothes for each other (clothes that one won’t go for in a normal day) and style it.

In these photos are the outfits that we picked ourselves and style them according to our taste.

I picked this lovely monochrome dress, which fitted me like a glove; I couldn’t find shoes that fitted me considering I am a size 3 so I ended up pairing the dress with my boots.

Pop Boutique Challenge 1

This is what Zainab chose for herself (Everything that Zainab was wearing was from Pop Boutique)

Pop Boutique Challenge 2

This is what Stephen chose for himself (The shoes and trousers were Stephens’ as they did have trousers instore)

Pop Boutique Challenge 3

This was the second challenge that we picked the items for each other. This was my second outfit that Zainab and Stephen picked for me. they were proper mean to me as they gave me size 5 boots but I managed to rock the sailor dress.

Pop Boutique Challenge 4

This was the outfit Stephen and I picked for Zainab. I love the whole 60s look we picked for Zainab, simply classic

Pop Boutique Challenge 5

This was the outfit that Zainab and I picked for Stephen

Pop Boutique Challenge 6

Out of all these outfits who do you think worn the challenge? Please do let us know which outfit you like the most. 

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