Mustard yellow skirt with floral blouse, wedges & headscarf


Floral trend

Nothing says Spring/Summer like colours and floral prints just like the way Vanessa has worn her outfit. She wore her floral blouse which she coordinated it with a solid colour, mustard yellow skirt to create a cohesive look.

When looking for floral prints go for vibrant designs, bright colours and eye catching details and since floral prints come in multiple colours you will have multiple styling possibilities.

If you’re looking for simple and sophisticated looks go for prints that features small flowers and if you’re a bold person go for statement prints featuring larger flowers.

How to wear floral trend

Here are a few tips on how to pull off these looks without looking like you have raided your granny’s closet. A floral blouse can be paired with a solid colour skirt (just like the way Vanessa worn hers to tone it down) or with a pair of jeans.
If you’re bold enough you can pair two different floral prints together i.e. large floral pants print and small floral blouse print or vice versa or just stick to just large or small print only. You can also pair floral pants with a bold bright colour blouse or top.

For an office look go for a finer print which will bring in a feminine touch to your look. You can also pair a floral print with a plain blazer and accessories.
Go floral go colourful this spring/summer.

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