Pump Shoes: From Frumpy to Fabulous

Pump Shoes

The transformation in pump shoes over the years has been remarkable. They have risen from frumpy to become a fabulous and fashionable component of most women that virtually every woman has one. For most women with self-control, some sense of adventure and ability to walk comfortably in heels, they’re ever ready to go shopping for pump shoes. For those who have not yet developed some of the stated traits or “things”, there is no need to panic as these can be developed over time. Remember, practice makes perfect.

The rise of women pump shoes to prominence can be attributed to a wide range of factors. Some of these will be discussed in the history of pump shoes. All in all, the basic reason remains that there are some women who are immensely frustrated by both the shape and build of their feet. If such women cannot wear heels and stilettos, their frustrations tend to get even worse. As such, finding the right shoes for such women can be immensely challenging a task. Most fashion conscious women cannot picture themselves in flat and plain shoes. This is because they want to look different hence the need for footwear to give them that different look. This counts as one of the main reasons why women want and clamor for high heels.

However, not all women can enjoy the luxury of wearing high heels. Some of the women include those whose feet are not good looking. As they may not be able to go for the high heels, pump shoes have become the best alternative. They offer class, elegance and boldness that all women crave for. Besides completing your look, pump shoes offer unrivaled comfort.

What is the History of Pump Shoes?

It is a fact that pumps shoes have been around for quite a while. They have been used for a long time and various developments have occurred over time. As opposed to the frumpy design and styles available years ago, today we have fabulous designs and styles to marvel on. Many years ago, these shoes were plain shoes without any laces, buckles or straps. Their unique design made them comfortable to wear as they could be slipped on and off without the hassle of having to tye laces or straps.

What’s The Uniqueness of Pump Shoes Available Today?

As opposed to the older types, today we have different types of pump shoes in the market. They simply have not stopped evolving since inception. In the modern day, designers have taken immense liberty to produce classic designs which meet the needs and requirements of modern women.

Types of Pump Shoes Available Today

Some of those available in the market today include pump shoes with:

1. Open toe: Best for women with bigger toes and who tend to feel uneasy in other kinds of footwear.

2. Peep toe: They serve to basic functions; they offer a fresh style and go along with most attire and are also easy to wear and relax the feet.

3. Point toe: Mainly used as fashion accessories, these pump shoes add uniqueness to women looks.

4. Round tip toe: They are the traditional pumps. They are elegant, comfortable and make movement way easier.

Overall, pump shoes have evolved immensely over the years from frumpy to fabulous. You will find celebrities and politicians adorning pumps with much confidence. There are also branded pumps in the market today from which women can choose from.

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