Silk Purple harem pants, black & white crochet top & heels

How to wear a monochrome crotchet top with silk harem pants

Love or hate them, harem pants are here to stay. Thanks to the many styles, shapes & material they compete against jeans and have made their mark in both women & men’s wardrobe.

A survey revealed that harem pants are among the most popular women items/clothes that men hate hence the title man repeller. Other items that women love but men think they are ugly are leggings, hoop earrings, sweatpants with words on the butt, gladiator sandals and Ugg boots.

Drop crotch pants are on trend this AW13, see 6 autumn/winter must have pants/trousers article for more details. Harem pants are comfy & can be super stylish if worn right. 

silk harem pants, purple harem pants, crochet blouse

Pair them with a singlet, tucked in blouse, small structured blazer or with a small basic t-shirt for a maximum impact. Silk harem pants are great for all body types as the fabric drapes and fall much more softly over your legs and will make you look slimmer while cotton harem pants tend to make people look much larger than they are.

I paired my  purple silk harem pants (also worn here) with a monochrome crochet top and colour blocked heels for a pop of colour. There’s something with harem pants that make me put my hands in my pockets when I wear them, do you guys do the same thing? 

monochrome, crochet blouse, harem trousers

hat I wore: purple  silk harem pants: New look, monochrome Crochet top: Daisy street, Colour block heels: Barratts, Purple statement necklace 

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