The A-listers Dressed in the Ultra Feminine Trend: Yah or Nay?

Feminine Trends in Men's Fashion

Men wearing feminine/women clothes: Could this be the new thing?

Lately we have spotted a number of male celebrities embracing feminine dressing when appearing on the red carpet. This ultra feminine trend is not for the fainthearted and we are not so sure if it’s going to be a hit with regular working class men.

Here are some of the celebrities who have been showing off their ultra feminine side

Fluffy scarf: Harry Styles paired his yellow plaid blazer with a V-neck pink knit vest, brown velvet trousers, cream shoes and a purple scarf as he attended MTV European Music Awards.


Jumpsuit: Timothée Chalamet wore a red backless jumpsuit which features a cowl neck top which he paired with a pair of black leather boots when he attended the premiere of his new film Bones and All at the Venice Film festival.


Dress: Pete Davidson attended the Met Gala back in 2021 dressed in a black Thom Browne dress which he paired with a white blazer with black trimming, white collar shirt, necklace, dark sunglasses, long socks and black hi top boots with white stripes on the side.


Skirt: Brad Pitt attended the Bullet Train screening in Berlin dressed in a knee length brown skirt which he paired with a matching loose blazer, a pink salmon button up shirt, a cluster of layered necklaces and high top boots.


Pleated skirt: Oscar Isaac wore a Thom Browne outfit which consisted of a grey blazer with matching pleated skirt, white shirt, neck tie, high socks and black ankle boots for the premiere of Moon Knight at British Museum in London.

Oscar Isaac_in_a_Thom_Browne_skirt_and_suit_outfit

Do let us know if you will be joining this ultra feminine bandwagon anytime soon.

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