Zebra print fabric cardboard storage box diy: Storage solutions

cardboard storage box diy

When it comes to storage, it shouldn’t cost a fortune as there so many ways you can neatly store things. Storage is essential in every home as there are always bits and bobs that you need to keep out of sight. With that in mind we decided to make a fabric storage box using a cardboard box. For this project you can use any cardboard box, shoes box even an empty diaper box will do the job. Choose the size of the box depending on what you want to store in it.

If you opt for small cardboard box it will only contain a few/small items and if you decide to use a large cardboard box this can be used to store toys, dirty/clean laundry. 

What you need: Cardboard box(es) of your size, fabric, glue/hot gun glue, scissors, tape measure, pencil/chalk, ruler


Step by Step guide

  • If the box has handles/flaps cut them out using a pair of scissors. Our box didn’t have top flaps/handles.
  • Measure the length and width of the box (inside & outside) using a tape measure so as to know the quantity of fabric you’ll need. We wanted to cover the whole cardboard box (inside & outside) with fabric but this depends on how you want to do yours. You can decide to only cover the outside of the cardboard box, the choice is yours.
  • Cut out the fabric you’ll need. 
  • Place the box in the middle of the fabric, making sure there’s enough fabric on both sides. 
  •  Mark out the edges/square of the fabric using chalk/pencil/marker. Don’t forget to leave some fabric allowance
  • Cut out the edges/squares of the fabric. Note: make sure you leave some allowance on your fabric.
  •  Turn on the glue gun and start gluing the edges of the cardboard box and placing the fabric over it, working your way from outside to inside. Do one side at a time.
Zebra print fabric cardboard storage box diy: Storage solutions 1
  • Since our cardboard box had a bottom insert, we wrapped it with a plain gift wrap and place it at the bottom of the cardboard box. If you’re cardboard box doesn’t have a bottom insert you can glue the same/different fabric/white paper on the bottom of the box.
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  •  And voila your storage box is ready to use
  • You can use the box to store your jewellery or anything you want
Zebra print fabric cardboard storage box diy: Storage solutions 2

Do let us know your thoughts on this storage solution project

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