DIY How to make an off the shoulder/Bardot ankara/kitenge/chitenge/African print top

Off the shoulder tops have made their mark in the fashion world. This trend is not only versatile but a perfect excuse to show off your toned shoulder.

For this project/Diy you’ll need

Fabric of your choice (here we’re using ankara/kitenge/chitenge/African print), a pair of scissors, measuring tape, elastic, pins, chalk/pencil, sewing machine or a needle & thread.

Wedding Breakfasts

When organising your wedding there are a few aspects that may slip your mind in the excitement and stress of the run up to the big day. You might be so wrapped up in preparing arrangements for the reception and food to keep you going through the afternoon, for example, that you forget that you need to have a wedding breakfast too. Well worry not, because we have a prepared a range of advice for things to keep in mind while organising your wedding breakfast.

Coffee table centerpieces: maroon leaf plate/dish, stacked books with white seashell sculpture centerpiece

Coffee table centerpieces have a way of brightening up a home and giving the table a wow factor. Table pieces can be as simple as candles, sea shells, knick-knacks, books, flowers,  plants or small objects which have sentimental value that can be used to create stunning centerpieces.

Our coffee table has a maroon leaf shape bowl/dish which we have place large multi-coloured IKEA (maroon, red and green) woven balls and sea & snail shells.

DIY (Zebra print) fabric covered cardboard storage box: Storage solutions

When it comes to storage, it shouldn’t cost a fortune as there so many ways you can neatly store things. Storage is essential in every home as there are always bits and bobs that you need to keep out of sight. With that in mind we decided to make a fabric storage box using a cardboard box. For this project you can use any cardboard box, shoes box even an empty diaper box will do the job. Choose the size of the box depending on what you want to store in it.