An introduction to jewellery making tool kit

jewellery making tool kit

I bought this jewellery tool kit last week which contained 9 pieces of items made of carbon steel, chrome plated finish, anti-rust. This tool kit is suitable for wire work, beading, and jewellery making.

The set includes round nose pliers, long nose pliers, bent nose pliers, diagonal side cutters, flat nose pliers, end cutting pliers, thread clippers, flat screwdriver and tweezers.

Here is a brief uses of each and every tool in jewellery making tool kit.

  1. Round nose pliers – it’s characterised by their rounded, tapering jaws and are used for creating loops and spirals when wire wrapping and forming headpins and eye pins in jewellery making.
  2. Long nose pliers– this is also known as needle nose pliers which are useful for cutting & gripping wires
  3. Bent nose pliers –are used to reach into tight places to grip components, close jump rings, bend wire and stabilize a design while working. The bent tip allows access into difficult areas without blocking your line of vision.
  4. Diagonal side cutters pliers– This is used for head pins and craft wire
  5. Flat nose pliers – is similar to chain nose pliers and gives a greater surface area to hold wire securely and provides better grip
  6. End cutting pliers – are ideal for conquering problems such as cutting the post off an ear stud or trimming the peg on a flat pad. 
  7. Thread Clippers – are used  for quick snipping work, these easy-to-use clippers are designed with no finger holes. Spring action handles and sharp blades make these a handy tool. 
An introduction to jewellery making tool kit 1
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