Chic home decorative accessories that adds an elegant finish

Ways to Make Your Home Look Elegant on a Budget

Decorative accessories are great way to transform/update your house on a budget. Creating a home is also about creating a relaxing atmosphere while adding simple personal touch to it.

Home decorative accessories are easily accessible and can be found in supermarkets or your local shops. Here are ways you can add finishing touches to your home

Wall art– wall art are great way to update your plain boring wall.  Wall art come in form of wall stickers which create ambiance in a room and are easily applied and removed with no glue stains left behind. Go for stunning wallpaper to bring life to your walls. If you can’t deal with wall art or wallpaper why not invest in a paint to give your home an artistic makeover

Statement Mirrors-Mirrors tend to make living space feel roomier and suit all rooms from bathrooms to bedrooms. For a country cottage house go for pretty heart shaped or vintage inspired mirrors. If you want minimal feel to the room go for geometric or monochrome types of mirrors.
Frames & mount – Contemporary wall frames provide the perfect showcase for your favourite artworks and photos; for professional finishes add quality mounts.

Cushions – Mix and match cushions in a variety of colours and patterns for unique distinctive personal designs. African prints/’ankara’ cushions are also a great way to add colour to your home.

Clocks – Clocks are perfect for kitchen, hallway or dining area. Choose contemporary retro design clocks from minimalist metal to quirky clocks.

Artificial flowers & Vases– Add a touch of nature to your home with the help of artificial flowers. Go for statement vases which are perfect showcase for plants or your artificial flowers.

Candles– candles not old give out nice scent but they also transform the room by giving it a stylish finish.

Chic home decorative accessories that adds an elegant finish 1
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