Get Wrapped Up in a Bandage Dress for Your Next Party

How to style a bandage dress

If you want to turn heads at the next cocktail party or event you attend wrap your curves up in a bandage dress. These beautiful and flattering dresses are a hot item for anyone’s wardrobe. Almost every celebrity has flaunted her body in a bandage dress making the dress very popular in the fashion world. You don’t need to be a millionaire or a celebrity to look awesome. These bandage dresses are made with fabric that grips one’s figure. The hugging fabric that the dresses are made of make bandage dresses a perfect dress for a cocktail party. 

The tight fitting bandage dress comes in many styles and varieties. It can be worn with a number of accessories including: earrings, necklaces, bangles and more. The dress was named bandage dress because of the way the fabric is sewn together. Strips of fabric are sewn to form the dress in which the strips from the dress look like bandages. 

Bandage dresses can be worn on a variety of occasions. While the dress is sexy it is also sophisticated and classy enough for a business dinner. Anyone who wears a bandage dress will be the center of attention. You really will get a lot of attention when you are wearing one. You will also look good, which is the whole point after all. 

Due to the popularity of bandage dresses there are now a variety of styles and colors. Some of the styles include: v neck, bandeau, shoulder strap, ribbed panel, crisscross strap, strapless, long sleeved, high neck, one shoulder, strap cross over and zip front to name a few.  

If you’re hoping to catch the looks from party goers or attract your paparazzi this dress is for you. Every celebrity or anyone for that matter that owns a bandage dress has a dress that makes them shine and shows off anyone’s curves. Kim Kardashian, Megan Good, Blake Lively and Nina Dobrev are all celebrities and stars that have worn a bandage dress in the past. Gossip Girl Blake Lively doesn’t only wear her bandage dress to a party she has also been seen rocking the dress to work. If this dress is good for some of the hottest celebrities in town it’s definitely hot enough for you as well. 

So how comfortable is a bandage dress? Very comfortable. If celebrities are willing to wear it every day it must be right. Due to the thick texture from the fabric one is able to be comfortable in the dress. When it comes to dresses glitter and sparkling dresses are the norm for cocktail parties. Bandage dresses are becoming the new cocktail dress. Adding the right shoes and accessories with your bandage dress will give any shiny dress a run for its money. 

If you are looking for a bandage dress that is upscale, sophisticated and appropriate for a cocktail party choose a color that is neutral: red, black, beige are great colors and sophisticated for any affair. What are you waiting for get your bandage on and let’s go party!

Author: Sasithon Bella is the cool in The Kewl Shop, a place to find things you really want. She knows a good thing when she sees it and is proud to let you know too!

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