Home Revamping Tips: Addressing Home Lighting Issues

Home Revamping Tips: Addressing Home Lighting Issues 1

The home is composed of different elements and these altogether make up how comfortable, functional, and safe it is as a place of abode. One of the primary elements that make up a home is lighting. The lighting in a home (or any structure for that matter) determines a great deal of its livability as safety, security, and productivity all rely on the type of lighting present.

And because it is an important part of the house, any flaw associated with it has to be addressed promptly in order to ensure that the area involved is not compromised. The following are some of the most common lighting dilemmas homeowners face at home:

1. Insufficient lighting in the living room.

More often than not, insufficient lighting is caused by a disproportionate size of the light fixture in respect to the room in which it is installed. Naturally, placing a small chandelier in a wide and spacious room will not be enough to effectively light the whole area. If you are having this problem in your living room, then it might be time that you add more light sources in the room, or install a bigger one to sufficiently illuminate the area. A huge chandelier or a series of pendant lights might solve the case for you.

2. Computer screen glare that causes strain on the eyes and migraines.

This problem usually occurs in the home study, and can be the result of too much brightness coming from the computer screen. To remedy this, you can install ambient lighting behind the computer screens or TV monitors which will reduce glare, and lessen the risk of migraines and eye strain.

3. A high-traffic area lacking pizzazz.

Generally, the high-traffic areas of home include the living room and the dining area. These are the areas in which guests are received, entertained, and served food; therefore, it’s important that these areas of home are kept at their best. If you feel that your living room or dining room lighting does not set the mood quite right during certain occasions, then it could be that it needs sprucing up. Find a light fixture that enhances the overall theme of your home — choose from American contemporary to European modern lighting fixtures – here.

4. Too much glare on the countertop or dining table.

This is a common problem faced particularly by those who did a DIY project on their dining area pendant lights and did not do a thorough research in regards to the length of the pendant light relative to the countertop or dining table. As a rule of thumb, you can put bigger pendants over bigger islands and opt for smaller ones if you also have a small table or countertop. Moreover, you can also use the baseline distance of 28 to 34 inches between the bottom of the pendant and the surface of the table or countertop.These are just some of the many lighting dilemmas that homeowners commonly face. If you have yet to plan and set up the lighting of your new house, it would be best to do your research or hire a professional interior designer who can help you in such endeavour.

Author: Cedric Loiselle is a highly talented writer who enjoys imparting useful information about home improvement to his readers. For lighting options, he highly recommends interior-deluxe.com. 

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