How to create the perfect kitchen for you

How to create the perfect kitchen for you 1

When it comes to kitchen design, there are so many different options available. Whether you want a rustic, farmhouse type of kitchen or an ultra-modern, minimalist cooking area, the world is your oyster. Read on to get some design ideas for your perfect kitchen, even if you have the most grandiose taste.


If you want to create a truly rustic farmhouse effect in your kitchen, you’ll need to incorporate some wood into the room. Your kitchen table should be solid oak or perhaps pine if you want a lighter colour for the wood. The chairs should match and you should avoid adding cushion covers or a table cloth. A large vase of freshly cut flowers should be placed in the centre of the table to add some colour and a great fragrance to the room.

The flooring should be flagstones or a rustic stone to create the authentic feel of a farmhouse. The walls would benefit from being painted an olive green or just left white with an exposed brick wall where possible. Cabinets should also be a light wood, preferably matching the table. Try to go for utensils that are in keeping with a traditional theme. This could mean shirking a coffee machine and electric mixer in favour of a coffee pot and some whisks. Try to keep the accessories as close to what you would find in a real farmhouse as possible for maximum impact.

Minimalist modern

This look is all about making the room sleek and appearing empty. You are likely to find that metal is the key to getting this look spot on. Go for brushed steel splash backs and shiny, black worktops. Your cabinets need to be glossy and sleek in either a white, black or gunmetal colour to keep with the simplistic theme. Any appliances should be brushed steel in either black or white. You don’t want to have anything lying around on the worktops except frequently used appliances like an espresso maker or a knife block.

The flooring should be neat and tiled with something like a large, smooth tile. The selection of floor tiles available from Walls and Floorswill give you some ideas to create the perfect look for your kitchen. You might want to invest in under-floor heating as well, which will come in handy during the cooler months. Make sure your refrigerator, oven and microwave are also the same brushed steel to ensure everything matches.

Classic homely

If you want something that is a cross between the two styles mentioned above, you may be after a classic, homely kitchen that is warm and welcoming. The best way to achieve this look is to incorporate bits and pieces from both the minimalistic and farmhouse styles. You might have a big wooden table and chairs but decide you want very modern appliances. Try adding cushions and a bright tablecloth with matching curtains to inject some colour into the room.

To make the room welcoming, try not to have it too tidy. It doesn’t matter too much if there are a few bits and pieces lying around as the key to getting this look right is making the room appear lived in and well used.

AuthorLauren Sutton is a blogger and interior design fanatic – having just bought her own home. This piece she writes on for Walls and Floors, specialists in tiles.

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