How to dress down a suit: Shirt, pinstripe pants & blazer



The suit is a sophisticated dress code in the corporate office, and some people despise it so much to the point that the only reason they bought it was because they had a wedding to attend to or an interview.

This should not be the case as suit is a classic menswear item and should not be chucked at the back of your closet. A suit can be dress down and still manage to look casual/formal and fun.

I love how Yemi has paired up his suit by wearing two different suit pieces together, by losing the tie and opening up one buttons which makes his look a bit relaxed.

This is one way of wearing your suit casually. You can decide to mix and match parts of your suit and bring in some character and personality to it to make it casual and classy for an everyday look.
Here are a few ways of dressing down a suit; by pairing two or three suit pieces together or separately. You can pair the suit pants/trousers with a turtle neck and a scarf for an autumn/winter look. Suits and knits go well together and they’re really cool during those cold months. Pair your suit jacket with a V neck sweater/cardigan, you can be adventurous with your colours but if you’re not bold enough go for lighter colour shades to contrast your suit jacket.

You can also wear suit pants and blazer with a colourful/patterned shirt and loafers for an edgy look. If you want to play safe wear a suit jacket with fitted jeans, checked/striped/chambray shirt and trainers/loafers for a clean sleek look. You can even throw in a neck tie/bow tie to this look.

Another way of dressing down your suit is by wearing sneakers/different footwear with suit. Kanye West has been spotted on numerous occasions wearing suit and sneakers and he manages to pull it off. Stay clear from wearing running shoes or dirty scruffy looking sneakers.
Robert Pattison dressed down his suit by wearing black trousers with a white buttoned down long sleeved shirt, black sunglasses, a belt, black sports coat and black Chelsea shoes for an effortless look.
You can also pair your suit jacket with tee-shirts, jeans and loafers or wear the suit with a tee-shirt instead of a shirt. Whatever type of t-shirt, a buttoned t-shirts, polo, v-neck or round neck t-shirts they will all look good with the suit blazer. If you own a tuxedo jacket you can also pair it with a tee-shirt, tweed trousers and trainers for an edgy look. For a polished look wear pants suits that are slimmer through the legs. Pair a grey/brown suit pants with tee-shirts/cardigan/sweater.

Hope these tips help and now you can wear your suit with a big smile on your face without just waiting for those rare occasions. Just remember you can wear the two pieces together or just one piece with something else, the choice is yours. Try and experiment with different pieces/items to find out what works for you. All the above tips create a more relaxed approach to office wear/formal wear.

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