A-line High Waisted Ankara skirt, red peep toe heels & top


High waisted skirts

High waisted skirts are everywhere, we have seen them in the catwalks, high streets and even celebs have been embracing them.

High waisted skirts are classic, they emphasize your curves and keep your lovehandles in check.

High waisted skirts fit everyone whether you’re short or tall, slim or curvaceous you will look amazing in high waisted skirt if worn right.

I like the way Sarah has paired her high waisted Ankara skirt with a tucked in blouse and heels which elongates her legs.

The rule of wearing a high waisted skirt is to make sure that upper band of the skirt rests just a little bit above your tummy. Since the high waisted skirts give volume to the bottom half of your body always wear it with a fitted or tucked in top/blouse so as to give all the attention to your high waisted skirt. There’s no point of wearing a high waisted skirt if you’re going to wear a long top over them!

High waisted skirts come in different prints, fabric and styles. They come in form of high waisted pencil skirts, high waisted fitted skirts, high waisted pleated skirts, high waisted bubble hem skirts, high waisted A line skirts, high waisted gored skirts, high waisted wrapped/draped skirts, high waisted skater skirts, to high waisted tulip shape skirts. All the above types come in different patterns and fabrics such as Ankara, lace, suede, leather, knits, and cottons. High waisted skirts also come in maxi, mini and mid length. Make sure you choose the right type of high waisted skirt that fits your shape.

Here are a few ways on how you can wear your high waisted skirt. You can a pair a high waisted skirt with a plain V neck top/tank top and a belt with heels or flat shoes. For an office look, team a high waisted pencil skirt with a plain/coloured blouse/shirt, belt and court shoes. Pair a solid colour top/blouse with mini leather/floral high waisted skirt and trainers for a fun relaxing look. You can also pair a high waisted skirt with a little blazer or jacket and a tucked in tank top.

High waisted skirts simply goes with almost everything, it can work with a solid colour top/blouse/tank top, slouchy blouse as long as it’s tucked in, patterned shirts, print blouses the list is endless. When wearing a high waisted skirt keep your hair, makeup and accessories modern. You can accessories a high waisted skirt by adding a belt and colourful heels.

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