Men’s tailored waistcoat, striped shirt and grey trousers

Men's grey waistcoat and matching pants

Men’s tailored waistcoats

Men’s tailored waistcoats are great way to look neat & polished without having to wear a tie. Waistcoats are timeless, versatile and add a dash of sophistication to your ensemble.  They can be worn as part of a suit or as an option for a suit.

They look great when worn as individual piece or when layered with other pieces from your wardrobe. Tunde looks savvy in a windowpane/grind waistcoat which he paired with a stripe long-sleeved shirt, black shoes and grey tailored trousers for a well put together outfit. Tunde’s waistcoat features a low cut V shape which should always be buttoned up due to the design.

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Tips on how to choose/buy the right tailored waistcoat

  • Make sure the waistcoat fits perfectly for a streamlined look.
  • Leave the buttons fastened or one button should be left undone at all times (preferable the bottom button) if you’ll be doing a lot of movements.
  • Wear a waistcoat that matches the suit or blazer you’re wearing & opt for similar textures.
  • Wear a tweed or corduroy waistcoat during winter seasons and whipcord/cotton for summer.
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Celebrities take on waistcoats

Douglas Booth wore a three piece grey checked suit with black shoes while attending the Noah premiere in Leicester Square for a polished look. Robbie Williams wore a waistcoat with tailored pants, tweed flap cap, off white shirt and a pair of grey and red, studded plimsolls. Peter Andre dressed to impress in black suit trousers and a matching waistcoat which he paired with a sky blue long sleeve shirt & black shoes.

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How to style men’s waistcoat without looking like a waiter

Pair a waist coat with a pattern shirt, blazer, jeans & dessert boots for a casual look. For an office look pair a waist coat with a shirt, chinos & a tie, you can throw in a blazer if you want. For a garden party pair a waistcoat with a bowtie, long/short sleeved shirt, brogues and chinos. Wear a waistcoat with a polo t-shirt, short chinos and loafers for a summer outfit.

Share your thoughts on how you would style the tailored waistcoat

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