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Must have summer fashion dresses

With spring now in full swing and the warmer summer weather on its way, it’s time to pull your favourite sundresses out from the back of the closet. These informal dresses feature breathable fabrics that will help you beat the summertime heat while still looking stylish and chic. Learn a little bit about the history of the summer dress and the current trends for the upcoming season in the following article.

Summer Dresses: A Look Back in Time

The traditional costume worn by the Romani gypsies is one of the first recognisable influences of summery dresses as we know them today; the gypsies’ costume was charaterised by chemise blouses (though not the off-the-shoulder or low-cut tops depicted in pop culture today) as well as long pleated skirts with colourful floral patterns.

The sleeveless shift dress was worn by flappers in the 1920s and was regularly used by women living in the 1950s, who embraced solid colours as well as cute floral and polka dot prints in their everyday style. But it wasn’t until the 1960s and the popularisation of The Lilly dress that sundresses truly became a summer wardrobe staple. Designed by Lilly Pulitzer, the Lilly shift dress was characterised by bold colours—fuchsia, lime, chartreuse, and orange—and punchy conversational prints like flowers and fruits.

Summer Style: What to Wear in 2013

Fashion is continually evolving to incorporate and update trends from the past to suit more modern times. Traditional gypsy costumes have remained a prominent influence in the fashion world today, with accordion pleat skirts and billowy maxi dresses deriving from the trend. Update the accordion pleat skirt for 2013 by choosing one in a vibrant colour like sunshine yellow, coral, or nectarine and pairing it with a blazer and boots. The classic maxi dress can be updated with a pair of gladiator sandals to create a fierce look, or gemstone embellished sandals with little to no heel to create a more glamorous one. Bold prints, such as the exotic Aztec print trend that’s hot this season, look especially stunning when incorporated into maxi dresses.

The classic shift sundress has never gone out of style, so be sure to include it in your wardrobe for the upcoming summer season. This year, the big trend is punchy geometric prints, which use the repetition of shapes as well as strong angles and curves to create a dazzling visual effect. Polka dot dresses at New Look with help you to create a throwback look suitable for the 1950s or ‘60s, as will dresses with gingham, bow-tie, and Technicolour floral prints. Pair your cute new dress with eye-catching neon pumps and a fabulous colour-block or floral clutch to pull the entire look together and take it into 21st century.

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