Tips on how to plan your wedding Breakfast

Tips on how to plan your wedding Breakfast 1

When organising your wedding there are a few aspects that may slip your mind in the excitement and stress of the run up to the big day. You might be so wrapped up in preparing arrangements for the reception and food to keep you going through the afternoon, for example, that you forget that you need to have a wedding breakfast too. Well worry not, because we have a prepared a range of advice for things to keep in mind while organising your wedding breakfast.

The first, and most practical, piece of advice that we suggest is to find a wedding venue that includes a breakfast as part of its wedding package. Even better, find a venue that includes accommodation and a breakfast in addition to the ceremony. Birtsmorton Court, as a prime example, assigns you your own catering event manager to liaise with you as you decide your menu and makes sure that your three course breakfast goes off exactly as you want it. They even have a choice of two separate catering suppliers meaning that you have an even greater chance of finding something perfect for all of your closest guests to enjoy.

On that note, remember that traditional breakfasts, especially English ones, are usually heavily meat based. Obviously this may severely limit what is available for your guests, or even yourself, who have a more limited palette. As a vegetarian, there is nothing worse when you have breakfast somewhere than having nothing on offer but toast while everyone around you is behind full plates. Make sure that your menu caters to all tastes so that everyone can have enough energy to get through the day. The other benefit of this, apart from the obvious increase in choice for everyone, is that it can help you deal with the butterflies on the morning of your big day. Everyone knows that nervousness can ruin your appetite and make it difficult to eat, but having a range of lighter alternatives to the usual breakfast menu can help you digest the most important meal in the day and give you a boost to enjoy the rest of it.

For those who decide to self-cater, the same advice applies. Transportation will always be difficult depending on the number of guests, and it is prudent to prepare a lot of the longer lasting ingredients a day or two in advance as long as you have somewhere suitable to store them. On the other hand, if you are self catering you probably have a smaller guest list, so you have the opportunity to fully specify your menu to your guests’ tastes. Everyone can have exactly what they want, and the whole thing could be a lot more intimate.

That was a brief look into a few areas of wedding breakfasts. The most important thing is to keep it in mind as you prepare the rest of your catering, and make sure that there is plenty of choice to cater to every guest. You don’t want to have someone’s rumbling stomach interrupt your wedding ceremony after all!

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