Grey blazer, pencil dress, mustard yellow heels & briefcase

Women’s Accessories: Tips on how to accessorize - Grey blazer, black pencil dress, mustard yellow heels, briefcase handbag & geeky glasses

An outfit is not complete without accessories. Accessories are must have items in every woman wardrobe as they transform your entire look.

Shoes, necklaces, fashion rings, handbags, scarves, hats, belts and gloves are all on our lust list this season.

Accessories are versatile and can be worn all year round.

Deborah looks amazing in this black dress which she wore with a grey tweed blazer, statement pearl necklace, black fashion ring, pearl bracelet, black briefcase handbag and mustard yellow heels for a look with maximum impact.

Briefcase Handbag, how to accessorize, mustard yellow heels, grey tweed blazer, statement pearl necklace, black fashion ring, pearl bracelet

Black brifcase handbag, mustard yellow heels, fashion ring, tweed blazer & pencil dress

Grey blazer, pencil dress, mustard yellow heels & briefcase 1

Accessories complement a look and are great way to create customised style that’s all your own. Dress up your jeans or trousers by wrapping a belt around your waist and lace your hands with bracelets and rings for a stylish finish.  A cool pair of tights or leggings can transform any outfit, and hair accessories will top off your style.

Few tips on how to accessorise your outfit.

  • First things first choose the outfit you want to wear. It’s important to know what you want to wear so that you can choose the right accessories.
  • If you decide to wear neutral or dark colour outfit, it will be best to accessorise with colourful pieces and vice versa.
  • Stick to one statement accessory at a time however this rule can be broken if you accessorise gracefully. Choose the body part that you want to focus on with your accessories. If you wear statement necklace make sure you opt for a small earrings & vice versa. If you’re wearing a busy top or shirt wear it with a simple necklace and vice versa.
  • When it comes to bracelets we recommend wearing a simple bracelet to formal events and layer your bracelets (friendship bracelets, bulky chains, and pretty much anything else you can get your hands on) for a casual outfit.
  • Rings can be layered or kept simple for a subtle look.
How To Accessorize Effectively, Tips on How to Accessorize, bracelet, fashion rings, yellow shoes

Let us know if you’re a fan of accessories and how do you accessorise your outfit?

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