8 Ways on How to Take Care of Your Skin

8 Ways on How to Take Care of Your Skin 1

Here are a few tips to banish your spots and to love the skin you’re in

  1. Cut out white bread for fewer spots- studies show that a low Glycemic Index (GI) diet helps decrease spots. Swap your white refined carbs such as bread, cereal and pasta for wholemeal varieties.
  2. Give your face a good rub – facial massage stimulates fibroblasts in the skin to release collagen and restore some of the elasticity lost as we age. Five minutes massage using your favourite moisturizer, using sweeping movements will do the job.
  3. Boost fish intake – Getting more of essential omega 3 fats found in salmon and other oily fish can help to keep skin supple and reducing the skin inflammation that is responsible for sagging.
  4. Avoid the sun to beat spots – As the sun sheds the UV-damaged cells, they clog pores and can trigger breakouts of acne.
  5. Tuck into turkey – turkey contains vital skin friendly protein called carnosine that slows down cross-linking. When this happens fibres grow in the skin’s collagen, making it stiff and less elastic. This stops it snapping back when you smile or frown.
  6. Get your oats – Oats contain phytoalexins, which have a soothing and anti-irritant effect on the skin which can bring about a significant improvement in people with mild to moderate eczema. 
  7. Don’t touch your face unnecessarily – touching your face with dirt hands causes cross contamination.
  8. Don’t forget to breathe – Stress releases hormones that cause eczema, and acne. Try doing relaxing activities like deep breathes or exercises.
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