Black Up Powder and Foundation Review

Black Up Powder and Foundation Review 1

I’m not a makeup artist and I’m not planning to be one. I try to apply my own make up now and then sometimes I get it right and sometimes I get it wrong but I learn from these experiences. I have been using Black Up makeup for a while now and I’m pretty much pleased by it. The other makeup brands I have used before made my face really oily considering I have oily face.  I have noticed since I started using this product my face has not been breaking up a lot even though my face gets oily  it is not as bad as it’s used to be with the other makeup brands that I have used before. 

This foundation is very buildable and gives you a perfect even complexion. I have very oily skin, but with this foundation my skins does not get as oily as it normally does. It’s fragrance free and non-comedogenic. It’s got a light creamy and silky feel to it, so your skin is very breathable when you have it on, it’s also got moisturizing agents to keep your skin moisturized but this shouldn’t be a substitute for you  moisturizer. Looking at the packaging it’s got a sponge, but I will recommend you use your fingers (clean off course) because this warms the foundation better into the skin.

Black Up Powder and Foundation Review 2

I use Fond de Teint Créme Poudré FC11 180 (Foundation) which suits my skin type and it gives me the coverage that I need without looking like I have been attacked by crayola. I will suggest you try it on before you buy it. They have a counter in Debenhams oxford street in London/Birmigham, the makeup artists are very helpful and friendly, you can go in the morning try it on and go do your shopping and see how  it sits with your skin and then you can make your decision.

I used Two way cake B223 (powder) which is also fragrance free and contains vitamin A&E which are very good for your skin. It can be worn as a foundation on its own or as a finishing powder over your foundation. I must warn, it might be pricey but it’s worth every penny & I promise you won’t be disappointed. One of the problems I have had in the past with foundations is that they made me look very chalky but this foundation doesn’t it just looks like my second skin.

Black Up Powder and Foundation Review 3
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