Cambridge Satchel Company collaborates with Vivienne Westwood for AW13 designs

The Cambridge Satchel Company team up with Dame Vivienne

Cambridge Satchel Company

Cambridge Satchel Company is collaborating with Vivienne Westwood to design and produce an exclusive range of limited-edition collector’s bags. 

Julie Deane, 46 started the Cambridge Satchel Company from her kitchen table in Cambridge with just £600 in 2008, when her children asked for leather bags similar to those worn by Harry Potter characters. Starting small, she found a leather supplier in Hull and asked him to make her eight chestnut brown satchels. Few years later from her humble beginning she’s now joining forces with dame Vivienne Westwood to design eclectic AW13 collection.

Julie said ‘I could not feel more excited to announce the collaboration of Vivienne Westwood and The Cambridge Satchel Company. Vivienne Westwood is an iconic British designer with a strong ethical base and I am incredibly proud of the association.’

The collection will explore and showcase best of both brands, combining the iconic satchel design with Vivienne Westwood’s squiggle print. The inspiration of the collection is taken from the British designer’s infamous pirate boots first seen in her Autumn Winter 1981 Pirate collection.

Vivienne Westwood’s design team said ‘We are very pleased to be working with The Cambridge Satchel Company for this collaboration. Their satchels are nostalgic and fun and make the perfect canvas for our squiggle print.’

The bags will be available in three colours: white with red squiggle, brown with black squiggle and  yellow with black squiggle. They will also be available in two sizes: 14in for £195 and 11in for £165 and the satchel are in store now.

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