Dressing According to Your Body Shape – Five Golden Rules

Five Golden Rules on how to dress According to Your Body Shape

In the true spirit of ‘different strokes for different folks’ and all that, it’s important to occasionally remind the Great British public that we are in fact all gorgeous regardless of what we might see in the mirror. And in the spirit of making what we see in the mirror that little bit more pleasing to the eye, it’s of equal importance to offer out a few reminders on how dressing according to body shape is of crucial importance. 

So with the latter in mind, here’s a quick reminder of the five golden rules for dressing to the shape of your body 100% guaranteed to have you looking and feeling better than ever:

Too Tight – A Big No

No matter what kind of body shape and type you have, it’s a guaranteed fact that you’ll do yourself no favours by wearing clothes that are clearly three sizes too small. You might think they’re helping to hold in your handles at all the right places, but they aren’t. Looking like you’re about to burst out of what your wearing looks just as bad on size 6 women as it does size 26 – it’s a universal no-no you’d be wise to forget for good. 

Too Loose – An Even Bigger No

Funnily enough however, even worse still is the practice of wearing clothes that are far too loose in an attempt to hide what’s underneath. While clothes that are too tight at least show there is a body under there, clothes that hang off you rob you of every scrap of shape you have – you end up looking like a box on stubby legs. Even if you don’t like your shape in the slightest, any shape is better than looking like a cube with no shape at all!

Flaunt What You Got

If there’s nothing you love about your body, hair or face, think of what you dislike the least…and be honest, there must be something. When you’ve decided, make every effort to accentuate your proudest/least uncomfortable features using accessories, makeup and so on and so forth. The more attention to bring toward these ‘happy’ zones, the less you’ll spend fretting over the others. 

Divert Attention

And on the reverse side of the theory, think about the areas of your body you’d prefer not to be stared at and dress them down as much as possible. Say for example it’s your butt or your belly – there’s nothing to gain from plastering brightly colored patterns, logos, pictures and slogans all over it that are designed to attract stares. Instead, keep it plain, simple and un-attention-grabbing. 

Avoid Fashion Movements at All Costs

And finally, fashion crazes and movements usually look great on one type of person – the stick-thin models that parade them down the catwalks. For the rest of us, we usually end up looking like pretty pathetic wannabes the likes of which get stared at for all the wrong reasons. Make your own style and stick with it – leave catwalk fashion crazes to the catwalk crowd. 

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