How to Do Polka Dot Nail art at home

How to Do Polka Dot Nail art at home 1

Now and then I love doing polka dots nail art on my nails. I used nude, white and red nail varnish to achieve this look.

Obviously this nail art can be recreated with different colours and will look just great. It wasn’t the perfect nail art but sometimes it’s good to find perfection in imperfection. Remember to complete each nail colour separately while the previous colour is dry.

Apply one coat of your base colour on both hands and wait until it’s dry before applying the second coat of your base colour.

How to Do Polka Dot Nail art at home 2

Then use a toothpick to dab a few smaller dots of the white nail polish on each nail, once it’s dry dab a few tiny dots of the red nail varnish

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