How to make ankara/kitenge/chitenge/African print skirt

How to make ankara/kitenge/chitenge/African print skirt 1

I had a remaining piece of ‘ankara’ fabric which I decided to make use of it by making a skirt. Below is a step by step guide on how to make ‘ankara’ print skirt.

For this DIY you will need: A piece of fabric of your choice, one of your skirt for pattern, zipper, sewing pins, scissors, chalk/pencil, sewing machine or thread & needle

  1. Place the fabric on a table or flat surface.
  2. Fold the fabric in half
  3. Place the skirt on top of the folded fabric to get the skirt pattern
  4. Mark the pattern using a piece of chalk or pencil
  5. Cut out the fabric according to the pattern and start sewing
  6. Pin the zipper to the back of the skirt (I wanted my zipper to show that’s why I placed it outside the skirt)
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  1. Open the zipper and cut the centre of it (This step can be down before or after you have sewn the zipper)
  2. Sew the zipper
  3. Your skirt is ready to wear.
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