Benefit of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) as a Beauty Product

Extra Virgin Olive Oil For Wellness And Beauty

Extra Virgin Olive oil (EVOO)

Extra Virgin Olive oil (EVOO) is a monounsaturated fat and contains tocopherols and polyphenols components which have antioxidant functions. Extra virgin Olive oil is packed with so many benefits such as: it contains essential acids that cannot be produced by our own bodies.

Extra virgin Olive oil slows down the aging process, it helps bile, liver and intestinal functions and helps assimilate vitamin A, D and K.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil as Medicine

As a modern medicine the ancient Greeks used to consume 1-2 tablespoon of olive oil every morning which helped them deal with simple chronic constipation and with stomach ulcers. Olive oil has a beneficial effect in the dietary treatment of diabetes. It also helps control blood pressure by protecting the cells that line our blood vessels from being damaged by overly reactive oxygen molecules.

Extra virgin olive oil also increases the bone mass and is believed to have favourable effect on the development of the central nervous and vascular systems, in brain development as well as normal child development. Extra virgin olive oil has anti-inflammatory properties as it contains a lot of phytonutrients and has the ability to lower inflammatory markers in the blood 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil as a Skin Moisturiser

If it’s good enough for eating it’s good enough for the skin.  Extra virgin olive oil closely resembles your skin’s natural oil production; therefore it won’t clog your pores or dry your skin out, but rather will keep it extra soft and clear it of any impurities. EVOO is full of antioxidants which slow down the aging process and it penetrates deep into the skin on your body which acts wells as a moisturiser as well as a shield to protect your skin. Extra virgin olive oil keeps your skin smooth and since they are full or vitamin A & E they repair the skin from damage from the sun and the environment. I can vouch for this as I sometime uses extra virgin olive oil on my face and it has done wonders to my skin.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil as Makeup Remover

Run out of makeup remover wipes! Worry not just head to your kitchen cupboard and use your extra virgin olive oil by putting two or three drops on cotton pad and use it to remove make-up/eye make-up at night. Extra virgin olive oil works by softening the skin and is delicate enough it won’t pull or stretch your skin.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil as a facial cleanser

Extra Virgin Olive Oil can also be used to clean your face using the oil cleansing method (OCM). Oil cleansing method (OCM) is a way of cleaning your face using oil; the skin is covered with epidermis layers which form the waterproof and protection wrap over the skin surface. Since the skin in water proof the only way you can get rid of the impurities which are found under the skin is by using oil to clean your skin. Use extra virgin olive oil and massage it into your face for about 2-5minutes this promotes skin elasticity then use a warm clean face towel to get rid of the excess oil and moisturise as normal. I have oily acne prone skin and my skin has cleared and my oily face is under control thanks to OCM. 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Hair

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an amazing conditioner for hair as it’s lightweight, can penetrates the hair easily and is a great moisturiser. Since extra virgin olive oil has anti-inflammatory properties this helps in preventing dandruff and EVOO helps the hair to retain moisture and growth. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is also used as a pre-shampoo and deep conditioning treatments.

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