How to turn a dress into a top

turning a dress to a top

I have had this dress for almost two years, so I decided to turn it into a top. This diy was easy as it was cut & sew and no messing about. Here is a step by step guide on how to turn a dress into a top.

You’ll need a dress, sewing machine or needle & thread, measuring tape, scissors & sewing pins

Measure the length you want your top to be using a tape measure and place the dress on a table or flat surface.

Turn the dress inside out & mark the length you want to cut out. My dress had a lower hem which was easy for me to cut it out.

How to turn a dress into a top 1

Pin the hem & sew it using a sewing machine or using needle & thread & voila your dress has been transformed into a top.

How to turn a dress into a top 2
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