Top Autumnal Style Tips For Your Nails

Top Autumnal Style Tips For Your Nails 1

The wind is getting blustery, the leaves are changing colour and looking beautiful and it’s suddenly decided to rain more (not like that’s too much different from any other time in Britain though). Yes, the signs are all there that it’s autumn and the end of summer with an approaching harsh winter. But even though things are colder there’s no excuse to still not look hot.

Autumn happens to be a fabulous time of year fashion wise as coats and jumpers take over from summer dresses, but your cosmetics can adapt to the changing months too. Nail art can represent your personality as well as the revolving seasons. So here are some lovely tips for making your nails look gorgeous and well-suited to the autumn fashion styles and weather. But don’t forget to make sure you have the right tools for the job!

Go For Warm Colours

To cheer yourself up because summer is over, perhaps you could psyche yourself up with warm thoughts by using heated colours on your nails? Using colours that signify heat or remind you of warm and cosy things should definitely do the trick here. Think hot chocolate brown, fiery red, glowing orange and a golden yellow. With warm looking nails, at least they’ll take your mind off the miserable weather outdoors!

Think Autumn LeavesFile:Autumn leaves, Talcott Mountain State Park.jpg

By far the best thing about the autumn months is how beautiful trees look once their leaves change colour. They create a beautiful pattern across the landscape and you can take influence from that in your nail art designs. The trees turn all kinds of shades such as green, yellow, orange, red and brown. You could try replicating their natural shades for yourself to make your nails look as if they’re a part of the season.

Season Appropriate Studs And Stickers

Studs and stickers always add a little bit of extra flair to gorgeous nails, no matter what time of the year it is. During autumn though, perhaps you should choose something more appropriate for this particular period. Autumn is a time for harvest, so fruit like gorgeous red and green apples are a good choice, as are seeds from trees like acorns. However, you might also want to ironically (unless you really enjoy rainy days) celebrate the weather with a cute little cloud or umbrella. Warm things such as hearts are also highly appropriate.

Glamorous Crystals And Expensive Colours

Although you might want to snuggle up in cosier and unflattering clothing during autumn, the fashion tends to be more glamorous and classy with expensive coats to make up for covered up flesh. Making your nails classier with crystals and expensive colours such as silver and gold is a good way to match the more fabulous clothing you might be wearing. This is simple stuff so it’s highly advised, although you may not need the weather as excuse to make your nails look gorgeous.

Halloween Themed

Top Autumnal Style Tips For Your Nails 2

Halloween is of course a big part of the month coming at the end of October, so you might want to celebrate and prepare for it with suitably themed nails. Halloween appropriate nails are easy to achieve, just think of gory or spooky colours such as blood red and slimy green. You may also want to flex your artistic skills and paint little skulls, pumpkins and ghosts onto your nails. It’s really easy to get into the spirit of Halloween and it’s the perfect way to round off autumn themed nails.

So those are our tips for making your nails look fabulous and highly suited to autumn months. You may not enjoy the downturn in weather, but at least you have the comfort of gorgeous looking nails!

Author: Louise Matthews is a fashion blogger who doesn’t mind autumn because of the awesome fashion styles. 

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