Replacing of beauty products once shelf life has been reached

beauty products you need to replace often

Did you know that beauty products have expiry dates on them? I am talking about mascara, powders, foundations, lipsticks etc all these beauty products do have expiry dates and this is always found at the back of your beauty products, you need to replace your make up once it has reached its sell by date and not when it runs out.

Replacing your make up after it shelf life even though you have not finished using it is not being wasteful it’s for your own benefit. Using products that are past their use by date will put you at risk of infection as old make up can become a breeding ground for bacteria i.e. eye/skin infections. Most of us are guilty of using beauty products that have expired thinking it will be a waste of product and money but that isn’t the case as Dermatologist explains.

Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr Hilary Allan said, ‘All quality cosmeceutical skincare products should be used within 6 months of opening.  ‘The big problem is that these products contain advanced ingredients such as Retinol and Vitamin C that lose their potency if left to oxygenate over time.  ‘Meaning they simply won’t do what they should. This is particularly important when using a moisturiser with SPF as you are expecting it to protect you in the sun – it won’t!   ‘Another point to mention is that through the oxygenation process the products may separate which can cause allergic reactions on the skin.’

Get rid of all your beauty products once they have reached their shelf life and remember to clean your make up brushes or replacing your makeup sponges. 

How to clean your make up brush(es)

Use mild soap or soap free shampoo & warm water to get rid of all the dirt stuck in your make up brushes, rinse and repeat this until the water is clear. Thoroughly dry the makeup brushes using paper towels or air dry them. Make sure the brushes have dried before using them.

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